077: Chris Evans – Online Client Acquisition Secrets for Entrepreneurial Success

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Chris Evans is a business marketing strategist with a unique approach to his business model, and that is extreme focus. Focus on one person, their one pain point, and offer one solution to fix their problems. This narrows downs a very specific audience that both Chris and his business partner, Taylor Welch, are able to cater to. Through simplification, you’re able to release yourself of the many complicated aspects of your business and focus on what truly matters.

Key Takeaways:

[3:30] It’s a great time to be alive! Especially for an entrepreneur.

[4:15] Everything is at your fingertips when it comes to dominating and influencing your market.

[5:20] We are able to validate our ideas a lot quicker and a lot cheaper than ever before.

[7:10] Want to validate your idea? Want to see if something really works? All you have to do is get on Facebook.

[9:00] Chris has been able to launch, adjust, scale his business, and grow his company to six-figures a month of revenue in under a year.

[9:30] How realistic is it for solopreneurs to make 75K to 100K a month?

[10:15] Don’t overwhelm yourself in your business. All you have to do is focus on one thing.

[11:45] It was only until recently that Chris started hiring people to join the team.

[12:05] When starting a business, entrepreneurs tend to cater to a broader audience. They need to narrow their focus.

[16:55] You have to have clarity in your services.

[20:25] How useful are webinars?

[21:45] Chris has one funnel and one webinar, and that feeds their seven-figure business.

[24:15] Why is it important to have a screening process for potential clients?

[26:25] Why should someone pay for Facebook ads?

[30:40] Chris discusses his business model and how he was able to achieve rapid success.

[35:30] Dr. Norton discusses the Mindfluence challenge of the week.

Mentioned in This Episode:


Chris on Facebook


The Mindfluence YOUniverse


Email Mindfluence: team@mindfluencerevolution.com

Schedule a free call: www.meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution

Email Dr. Norton: drnorton@mindfluencerevolution.com


“If you’re an expert, then charge like an expert.”

“The reason people don’t charge higher prices for their products/services is because they don’t have the confidence.”

“Webinars are a vehicle to connect with your audience and break down their false system of belief.”

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