085: Tema Frank – Customer Experience and the 3P Profit Formula


Tema Frank is a customer experience & usability pro, the host of the Frank Reactions podcast, and the best-selling author of People Shock. Tema discusses ways leaders can increase their customer experience, especially in such a digital age where every negative comment is visible, and competitors are easily discoverable. Tema also shares the three ingredients to profitability in the digital area, on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] Tema discusses the importance of using the human element, with the right technologies, to help our businesses succeed.

[4:50] Why did Tema write the book, People Shock?

[6:45] Your staff can only say sorry, so many times, before people get fed up.

[7:20] Why are overall customer experience ratings dropping?

[8:20] How can leaders improve the customer experience?

[10:00] Don’t rely on customer satisfaction surveys to tell you the complete truth.

[11:50] If you have to play the undercover boss to physically see what’s happening in your company, then do it!

[13:30] What is the number one mistake leaders tend to make when trying to improve the customer experience?

[14:00] What are the three essential ingredients to profitability in the digital area?

[16:00] Grumpy staff will not deliver you great service.

[20:45] Why is it worth investing in these three essential ingredients?

[24:25] If you’ve already lost some customers, how can you win them back?

[27:15] Tema shares an example of a major company screw up, and how they bounced back.

[30:40] How can leaders inspire team members?

[39:05] Mindfluence challenge of the week.

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“Your fabulous frontline staff can only say sorry so many times before people get fed up.”

“Customer expectations have gone up.”

“Listen to your customers. It sounds obvious, but a lot of companies just don’t do it.”

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