About Us

We’re proud of who we are and what we do and believe that you have the right to know more before you decide to connect with us.

What’s in it for You?

We provide passionately personalized business-success training that guides you to your most ambitious dreams faster than you ever imagined.

As our client, you will experience life-changing breakthroughs in your business because we take personal responsibility for your success.

The Mindfluence Method is beyond mere coaching or education. It is a unique and proven method of optimizing both you and your business so that you can achieve everything you’ve always wanted.

Mindfluence Resources

Below are some resources that explain who we are and what we do in more depth. Remember: We do not employ sales people and in fact we do not believe in “selling” you anything. The items below are content we’ve created that turned out to be pretty good explanations of The Mindfluence Method approach.

Some of these require only a few minutes and others require more time, so dig in as deeply as you like. If your time is limited, start with the first one below and work your way down. Most people find this information helpful and inspiring. Enjoy!

What We Do

The Mindfluence team has a commitment to meet you at the intersection of your highest need and your ability to invest in a solution, so there are many different levels where we can connect. Because everything we do is personalized for your unique situation, there are no cookie-cutter menu options available (click here for details on how to get started), but there are some common elements to our training that we can share:

  • The Mindfluence Method liberates you from ineffective or limiting patterns of thought and behavior and provides personalized training in the new ideas and strategies necessary to invent or reinvent a business and lifestyle that is compelling, successful and fulfilling.
  • We take you from your own inspiration, to effectively communicating your message, to high-level connection strategies, to the art and science of influence, and finally, to the raving-fan relationships that will form the foundation of your ideal business.
  • Our unique training can be completed on your own schedule and at your own pace, but with consistent accountability to ensure progress.
  • You receive a far broader and more practical education than industry-specific programs that keep you in a box.
  • Instead of having a lifestyle that conforms to your business, we show you how to create a business that supports your lifestyle.
  • We don’t just optimize your business; we optimize YOU, helping you to find the best version of yourself that you can be.
  • We believe that it’s not enough to learn new skills; you have to effectively and consistently apply them to your business, so practical implementation is a primary focus of The Mindfluence® Method. You will receive specific, step-by-step guidance to ensure that you are seeing real-world outcomes.
  • The Mindfluence® Method is a business-success training system that uses the latest brain science and behavioral approaches to reprogram your mind for optimal success. It is a unique, standalone process that is taught nowhere else.
  • We provide customized, expertly guided instruction that focuses on developing lifelong mastery of the skill-sets necessary for success–tailored to your unique needs, desired outcomes, values, and behavior style.
  • Our training unites the complementary business skills of “America’s Holistic Doctor” with a master marketer/entrepreneur/coach with 65 years combined experience, in addition to the unique creative insights of our trainers, each a Mindfluence graduate.
  • We incorporate the additional voices and training insights of the brightest thought leaders in the world (authors and speakers) through interviews that focus on the core areas of message, marketing, and media.
  • Mindfluence supplies the scientific foundation and practical training you need to achieve extraordinary business success, personal fulfillment, and, ultimately, total time freedom, while enjoying the ideal lifestyle that many only dream about.
  • We engage you with an exciting, proven system that inspires enthusiastic action and eliminates procrastination and distraction.
  • We will develop a strategic business blueprint that will serve as an action guideline for the rest of your life.
  • Our training unmasks the shroud of discontent that plagues most business owners. It reveals a clear plan of action for achieving your life and business dreams.
  • The Mindfluence® Method contains everything you need to know to connect with and ethically influence the public to embrace your services for your mutual fulfillment and riches. It is the only complete training system available that will help you reach and shift the mindset of the 90% of the public who is currently not hearing or understanding your unique message.
  • One of the side effects of mastering the Mindfluence® Method is the great financial rewards that will accrue to you. It is virtually impossible to complete our training and not see a huge financial benefit.

The Mindfluence Team

In addition to the two founders (see Founder Biographies below), Mindfluence has a team of specially-chosen and highly skilled trainers (all alumni of Mindfluence Method training) to bring unique perspectives and contributions to your training experience.

We will encourage, challenge, exhort, instruct, guide, and hold you accountable all along the journey in a way that will always be stimulating and fun. We take personal responsibility for helping you achieve YOUR desired outcomes—whether launching, developing or expanding your local business or masterminding and building an extensive entrepreneurial empire.

All the time, energy, and money we’ve personally spent as a team on coaching, self-help, missteps, successes, failures, and outrageous reinventions has culminated in a collective powerhouse of resources and experiences that we will share with you so that you can benefit from the lessons learned and the successes earned.

Founder Biographies

Dr. Matthew Norton met Bruce Hurley when Bruce was speaking at an event in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Norton hired Bruce to help him launch a new business model, but they quickly realized that they were philosophically aligned and had similar goals to change the world for the better one person at a time. They created a formal partnership in 2007 and their efforts evolved into the Mindfluence Method, which is the culmination of the best of everything they’ve ever created or experienced.

Dr. Matthew Norton (known as “America’s Holistic Doctor”) has been improving the lives of individuals and families for over 30 years with his personal success and healing messages, focusing on our incredible inborn potential to thrive amidst life’s injuries and stresses.

Dr. Norton has been happily married to his wife Judy since 1988 and they have five children via complex family blending through death and divorce. He’s also excited about his three grandchildren.

Dr. Norton is the author of the breakthrough book Where Does It Hurt?, which directs attention to the critical need for a holistic body, mind, and spirit focus in healing and healthcare in general and for much broader use of chiropractic services in specific to resolve and prevent chronic pain and restore and optimize whole body health.

Dr. Norton unites his passion for learning, teaching, and healing with a compassion for those who are not performing at their peak. He brings to his work a high level of academic achievement and cutting-edge body/mind research. However, he also brings a deeply caring heart transformed by difficult personal life experiences.

Dr. Norton graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, Ca. in early 1983 as class valedictorian. As a lifetime student of success and human behavior, Dr. Norton has dedicated himself to continual educational upgrades through professional coursework and certifications as well as constant self-study.

He has further expressed his commitment to understanding and connecting with people through various courses and with accreditation as both a behavioral style and values analyst. He also teaches and conducts business workshops utilizing this insightful information.

Dr. Matthew Norton is the co-founder of Mindfluence® and the Mindfluence® Method Business Success Training System.

Credentials (excluding extensive certifications and accomplishments within his practice)

  • Valedictorian from Life Chiropractic College, West in Northern California.
  • Doctor of Chiropractic since 1983.
  • Author of Where Does It Hurt? Surprising Stories and Insights for Releasing Pain and Restoring Whole Body Health.
  • Certification as an expert Behavioral Style and Values Analyst through Target Training International.
  • Founder, developer and president of HEAL (Healthcare Experts Alliance for Life), a non-profit health education organization in Central California.
  • Frequent guest expert on various news programs and local and national media.
  • Former Qualified Medical Examiner in the California Worker’s Compensation system.
  • Founding member of Wellness Connections, a Central California community of health care providers who educate the public about healing and wellness.
  • Featured speaker at Parker Seminars, various chiropractic colleges, and other chiropractic venues.
  • Frequent speaker for businesses and organizations on numerous topics.
  • Author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles, teleseminars, webinars, and education-centered websites.
  • Member of the Life West Chiropractic College Alumni Board and President’s Circle.
  • Member of the California Chiropractic Association.

Bruce Hurley, known as “America’s Business Adviser” is an internationally recognized authority on business, marketing, copy writing, sales, and lifestyle achievement. As a consultant to hundreds of companies in scores of industries, Bruce has accumulated a vast knowledge base of references, resources, case studies, and experiences that uniquely qualifies him to educate and inform those interested in building a business that supports their desired lifestyle.

Bruce graduated from Florida Atlantic University with dual degrees in Marketing and Finance, but he started his first business at the age of 10, hired his first employees at age 11, and sold his first busines at age 12. He has continued his entrepreneurial odyssey with dozens of ventures in a wide variety of fields.

Bruce has been a consultant and adviser to hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years, guiding business owners to develop unique, automated systems that leverage their investment of time, energy, and money. Every relationship creates new opportunities to learn new strategies, skill-sets, and approaches, and share those lessons for the benefit of new clients. Bruce focuses on determining an ideal lifestyle first and then on developing a business model that manifests and supports that lifestyle.

As an instructional speaker and sales trainer, Bruce has presented at 210 live events to groups from 30 to 3,500 people and shared the podium with some of the nation’s top speakers, including Zig Ziglar, Jay Abraham, and Brian Tracy. As the originator of dozens of commercial websites, Bruce is an advocate of using technology and “optimized human capital” to leverage time and connect with the public.

A lifelong aficionado of advertising, sales, and promotion, Bruce has a library of more than 600 dog-eared marketing books, specialized audio and video programs, and unique digital resources, with 2,400+ pages of detailed notes from hundreds of seminars and coaching programs.

Bruce has paid as much as $25,000 for a single high-level training event and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal education after college, all with a focus on mastering the business-customer connection for the benefit of both parties.

Media sources and clients have referred to Bruce variously as “Mr. Resourceful,” “America’s Business Adviser,” “consumer advocate,” and “the go-to source for all things business.” He refers to himself as “a friend to business and consumers.”

Bruce is the author of more than 270 copyrighted works including books, articles, audio and video programs, trade publications, and web sites. He has also developed software programs, patented business and financial systems, and developed unique compensation methodologies for multiple industries.

After waiting 41 years for the right woman, Bruce married (for the first and only time) his wonderful bride Mary Ellen. They live in a historic neighborhood of Boca Raton, Florida among the world’s best neighbors. Their first (and only) child, Grayson, was born March 6, 2011.

Bruce is a staunch advocate of charitable giving and has a website on the topic that has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a member of Mensa Process and Mensa’s “Idea Aid” program, Bruce has helped create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Bruce Hurley is the co-founder of Mindfluence® and the Mindfluence® Method Business Success Training System.

Brain Science Made Simple

It’s natural to resist change, so The Mindfluence Method integrates cutting-edge neuroscience to train your brain for greater fulfillment and success. Our training interweaves psychological insights with real-world, practical application for your optimum success in communication, connection, and influence strategies.

Whether it’s coming up with original ideas, shifting a business focus, influencing behaviors, inspiring a new company culture, or changing the world, the core objective is changing minds and mindsets (yours and others).

In other words, you must unlock your brain and create new patterns. At Mindfluence, this is our passion! Until you understand the necessity of retraining your brain, your personal vision of success will always elude you.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision:
The Mindfluence family are the impassioned leaders of a revolution of dedicated business people who make the world a better place by implementing the most effective and highly regarded success and outreach strategies in the world.

Our Mission:
Mindfluence is a family of enthusiastic and capable guides dedicated to providing highly personalized and effective training to passionate business owners who want to improve the world one human being at a time.

The Mindfluence Method Credo

We believe. . .

. . . in all the ideas we share in our Mindfluence Manifesto.

. . .that if you are interested in being an agent of good, or creating a legacy of contribution, or even just giving people a superior option for the services you provide, then you don’t just have the right, you have the obligation to influence them to favor you with their business.

. . .in our mantra “ACTION ENDS DISATISFACTION.” Acting courageously on knowledge is the game-changer our clients experience.

. . .that application is even more important than education, so we take personal responsibility for ensuring that you are making the progress you want at every step of the way.

. . . that success requires other people. Failure you can do alone.

. . .that you must own your power and your authority to step into the role of expert professional in order to guide people to the outcome that’s in their own best interest (which is doing business with YOU in case you didn’t know).

. . . that whatever is holding you back, you should to walk toward your fear with confidence. We will be there to guide you through it.

. . . you will never leave where you are until you know where you’d rather be, so we help you dream into your ideal future and show you the pathway to get there.

. . . you should be able to spend more time on your lifestyle than you do on your livelihood.

. . . that if it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

. . . that you should take advantage of any process that shortens the time frame to accomplish your goals. Leaving it up to chance is a strategy strictly for underachievers.

. . . that success is sometimes just one good decision away.

We appreciate your interest in our little company. . .

Dr. Matthew K. Norton, DC
“America’s Holistic Doctor”
Co-Founder, Mindfluence Method

Bruce Hurley
“America’s Business Adviser”
Co-Founder, Mindfluence Method