Transforming Adversity into Advantage (Part 2)


Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley – With the right perspective, the things that others might see as devastating blows can be your greatest inspirations, your motivators; the things that light a fire under you and get you taking action in ways that you never did before.

You can transform your adversity into an advantage. There’s a tremendous amount of power in knowing in your heart that you’ve overcome something; it’s a victorious certainty and confidence that flows from thriving through (or at least surviving) a major challenge or crisis experience.

When you go through something traumatic like death or disloyalty, you develop sensitivity–a deeper awareness. You know it, and you own it, and you can use that obstacle experience to deliver deeper value into the world. Benjamin Franklin said that “The things that hurt…instruct.”

If we allow ourselves to go deep enough within and do our best to integrate our experiences, then moving through obstacles can develop and expand a number of key aptitudes or skills such as: our resilience, our adaptability, our creativity, our focus, our boldness, our level of commitment, our ability to solve problems, our credibility, our power of influence, and the authenticity behind our leadership. All of this, when combined with a caring heart, helps us become better human beings. We possess a depth and honesty that’s informed by our pain and our struggle, and then we become more powerful deliverers of our business service to others.

So this perspective can becomes a cause, a mission that fuels the contribution you make through your business as you reach out to the people in need all around you and resolve their pain or improve their lives.

One of our Mindfluence mantras is “All change is good.” Even discomfort and suffering CAN be used for good. It’s not up to the world; it’s up to YOU.

Here are some strategic steps to take in order better respond to adversity:

  • Get calm. Dial back your emotional reactions.
  • Engage the discipline to reframe and look for the good.
  • Don’t sweat it. You will survive.
  • Maintain a confident expectation that “this too shall pass.” No matter how bad it seems right now, just know that soon it’s going to be something that’s behind you, that you successfully handled and not only overcame, but grew from and you’re a better person and a better leader because of it.
  • Don’t freak out when the stuff hits the fan, because you have to be in the right frame of mind to see the best course of action.
  • Everything that happens is a chance to move forward. There are no bad things happening to you in your business, there are just things. And these things are never an interruption of your business, they ARE your business.
  • Get clear in your perceptions. Focus more on the right brain’s observation of what’s factually evident, and less on the left brain’s often skewed and highly-dramatized story interpretation of what it all means.
  • Seek a deeper spiritual perspective and wise counsel regarding forging straight ahead or the appropriateness of altering your course.
  • Know that you have more power than you think you do. What can you control? You get to decide how things will affect you. You are NEVER a victim. You are victor.
  • Focus on this present moment as much as possible–and the very next steps. Don’t anticipate all the bad things that can happen and live them out in your imagination. Just take immediate confident action and keep moving forward.
  • See the obstacle and then act boldly with courage to tackle this thing that’s standing in your way. Remember the Mindfluence mantra: “Action ends Dissatisfaction.”
  • See new options. Have faith in your ability to create something new. Find the opportunity.
  • Innovate and be persistent. Resist discouragement.
  • Be willing to change course as necessary.
  • Break the process into smaller steps and just do the next one.
  • Stay relaxed and flexible.
  • Certain courses of action may not work no matter what. Accept it and move on.
  • Seek to welcome the challenges and obstacles because they will continue.

Choose one specific obstacle you are currently facing and consider how you can transform it. How can you shift your perspective or reframe it from a challenge or a problem into an opportunity?

According to Napoleon Hill… “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” But that seed needs to be planted and nurtured before it can grow into something miraculous. Fortunately, that’s just what you can do better than just about anyone else!



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