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There is a revolution happening in small business. It’s changing the world for the better and YOU can be a part of it. Scroll through the manifesto below and then sign the pledge to join the revolution!

The Mindfluence Manifesto

The Beginning of a Revolution

Owning a small business (including being self-employed) is a rewarding and potentially lucrative endeavor. But most people overlook the massive benefits that accrue to the people they serve, the companies that support their business, their local community, the national economy, and even the world.

We believe that your business plays such an important role in the success and happiness of others that it’s not just your right, but your duty to be wildly successful. Here’s why:

– Your business, small or large, is an important cog in a very complex machine that is linked to the entire world economy and creates opportunities for your employees, your vendors, your clientele, and even people in other parts of the world who benefit from your success.

The ethical pursuit of your personal fulfillment and financial prosperity energizes the global community and empowers countless others to achieve their dreams as well. Because self-employed people are rewarded in direct relation to the value that they create for others, you have a personal and a moral mandate to pursue whatever inspired action your creative mind can envision. So while you’re following your personal pathway to success, remember that you have a greater (and more rewarding) responsibility to the lives and lifestyles of others that should inspire you to even greater levels of passion and accomplishment. When you have what we call “a commitment to serve,” you unleash your true potential and transform your efforts from a mundane pursuit to a global imperative.

Success–however you define it–will follow.

John Kennedy famously said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” The answer to that question is crystal clear: the best thing for you to do for your country, your fellow citizens, and even the world, is to be as successful as you can possibly be.

We’re not talking about the “Greed is good” approach espoused by Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street, which is founded on the principle that if you just take care of Number One, then everything else will work itself out.

We’re talking instead about turning that idea around and focusing on ethical, customer-driven, passionately delivered contribution that will in turn lead to unprecedented levels of personal prosperity. Since your outcome is directly correlated to the value you create for your clientele, personal prosperity is simply a consequence of devoting your career to the service of others. Inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar advised, “You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.

Billionaire philosopher Warren Buffet said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because somebody else planted a tree a long time ago.

You are the Johnny Appleseed of your time. The seeds you plant in your business today will not only bear fruit for you, they will create shade for others on their journey through life.

Your commitment to serve will lead to a better return on your customers’ investment of time, energy, and money-especially if the services are delivered with passion and caring. That means that they will not only satisfy their need for what you do, but they will be happier and more fulfilled as a result.

An inevitable outcome is that your exceptional treatment of your clientele will empower them to go out in the world and share a little more joy than they would otherwise be inclined to share. The value you provide to the public will provide them with a greater ability to invest in lifestyle enhancements, which will add to their quality of life and further fuel the global economy.

Your inspired work will motivate others to pursue their highest passion and will raise the bar for other companies seeking to emulate your success. Are you starting to see how vitally important your work is to the world? Doesn’t this perspective add context and depth to what you may have previously thought of as “just doing your job?”

You don’t have to be in the health field to make people feel better. You don’t have to be a money manager to create financial benefits. And you don’t have to be a major employer to have a lasting effect on the economy. By being the best option for the people you serve, you have done your part. Like the pebble hitting the water, the impact of your contribution will radiate to a larger and larger circle of influence.

This is a bigger vision than most small business owners have ever considered and embracing it as a force for good is a truly revolutionary concept. Every person who is gainfully employed plays a part in the process, but as a small business owner you are leveraging your contribution so that you contribute much more than your share.

You are truly changing the world for the better. But before one benefit can accrue to you or all the other beneficiaries of your efforts, you must optimize your business model and embrace your commitment to serve.

You may have to change your approach, increase your knowledge, and even reinvent yourself into the new possibilities that await you. It’s all very exciting, but it requires focus and determination and something else that you may not have considered:

In order to deliver on the highest-level promise of your business, you must learn to powerfully influence the minds of your public to take action that’s in their own best interests. This is a process we call Mindfluence®, and it’s the foundation of a revolution in small business.

The revolution continues down a path that leads to a startling conclusion: if you are interested in being an agent of good, or creating a legacy of contribution, or even just giving people a superior option for the services you provide, then you don’t just have the right, you have the obligation to influence them to favor you with their business.

That’s a substantial shift of perspective from the “take it or leave it” school of business. When you join the Mindfluence® Revolution, you will become a provider of excellence, a natural accumulator of wealth, and a dedicated follower of passion-your passion.

Every action you take will lead to overwhelmingly positive benefits for you, your clientele, your community, your country, and your world. Mastering the ability to influence people requires a willingness to be open to new ideas, a passion for excellence, and a commitment to do whatever it takes without sacrificing your integrity or your lifestyle.

This win-win-win-win-win outcome will become a natural consequence of the way you have chosen to do business. People will be inspired to follow your lead and you will share the gift of your perspective with other business owners who will become a part of your legacy contribution.

How can you join the Mindfluence® Revolution? Simply enter your name below to sign a pledge of commitment to the principles we espouse in this manifesto and agree to embrace the skill sets required to be a competent revolutionary.

In recognition of your commitment in signing the pledge, we will send you a surprise gift that will help you get started. The Mindfluence® Revolution begins with your inspired action, so what are you waiting for? Sign the pledge below and get started!


The Mindfluence® Manifesto Pledge

 Join the revolution in small business.

 As an independent business person, I pledge to honor the principles in the Mindfluence® Manifesto, namely:

  • The ethical pursuit of my personal fulfillment and financial prosperity energizes the global community and empowers countless others to achieve their dreams.
  • By embracing “a commitment to serve,” I unleash my true potential, fulfill my personal definition of success, and create a legacy of contribution.
  • My dedication to excellence in business will inspire others to pursue their highest passion and will raise the bar for other companies seeking to emulate my success.
  • My exceptional treatment of the people I encounter in my business will empower them to lead better lives and share more joy with others.
  • Because I am committed to being an agent of good and giving people a superior option for the services I provide, then I don’t just have the right, but the obligation to ethically influence them to favor me with their business.
  • In order to master the ability to influence people, I pledge to be open to new ideas and to commit to doing whatever it takes without compromising my integrity and my lifestyle.
  • I further commit to help other business people own the power of their potential for prosperity and global contribution.

I hereby pledge to uphold the principles of The Mindfluence® Manifesto and join the revolution that’s changing the way people think of small business.

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